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Greyhound Sneltransport, for more than 40 years!
Our drivers are certified and our planning ensures controlled express transports.
We have several drivers and an extensive fleet.
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Greyhound Sneltransport is the specialist in express transport by road. Whether it concerns an envelope or a full trailer, in or outside Europe, Greyhound Sneltransport ensures that your important documents, parts or vulnerable and time-critical goods are delivered quickly and safely at the agreed time and to the right place of destination. We have been doing this with great pleasure for over 40 years!

Greyhound Sneltransport is a family business that has been committed to national and international express transport since 1979, where reliability, quality and service are standard in our logistics service package. You will always receive friendly and helpful assistance.

Greyhound Sneltransport is known for its flexible business operations, as evidenced by the pleasant and long-term cooperation with many clients and colleagues. Time and again the team tries to meet everyone's wishes. You are always in the right place at Greyhound Sneltransport.